Chocolate Dipped Port

Imagine the decadence of melted chocolate in your mouth mingling with a sweet Port!

Ports make the perfect dessert wine as they are on the sweeter side of the wine spectrum. A true Port must hail from Portugal's Douro Valley, these wines are fortified and have a higher alcohol content.

Ports generally have identifiable flavors of blackberry, raspberry, cinnamon, caramel and chocolate. Although there are several different kinds of Port there are two primary styles; a red Port with more berry and chocolate flavors and slightly less sweetness and a tawny-colored Port with more caramel and nut flavors and more sweetness. 

No matter which you prefer, both are fabulous paired with chcocolate so we've taken award winning Guittard dark chocolate and paired it with complimentary Ports to create the most unique chocolate and wine gift ever! 

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Chocolate Dipped Wine - Montonico Port by Sweet Traders

Chocolate Dipped Montonico Port Wine Gift

Chocolate Dipped Montonico Port Wine Gift